Asian Food in Ocean City: A Delightful Taste of Asian Shrimp Over Rice (2024)

Asian Food in Ocean City

Talking about Asian Food in Ocean City, Shrimp Over Rice stands out as favorite sea food of most of the people . This famous Asian dish has made a special home at Everest Carryout, where the tastes of delicious shrimp and rice come together in a delightful combination.

Asian Food in Ocean City

Asian Food in Ocean City: Shrimp Over Rice

Asian shrimp over rice is a delicious and very widespread dish that many people from around the world love to consume because of the great taste of Asian food. The excellence of this dish is that it is very easy and uncomplicated, uses bright ingredients, and has a sweet and savory taste with a hint of umami. It has become a traditional dish in most parts of Asia and different areas of this continent modified it in different ways. 

The Core Ingredients 

 The components include fresh shrimp, rice, and the mixture that comprises seasonings and sauces that add the unique essence of Asian shrimp over rice. Marinated shrimp in a Schezwan sauce which is a blend of soy sauce, garlic and ginger sometimes accented with honey or little chilies, forms a soft and juicy base to the preparation. The rice being used is often jasmine or basmati rice, which has a light floral flavor and can easily be cooked to retain its fluffiness while it Soji up the sauces and juices left behind by the shrimp. 

Asian Food in Ocean City

Flavorful Variations 

 Eculent Asian shrimp over rice comes in many flavors; the variations are as diverse as the regions they originate from. In Thai cuisine, for example, the dish might involve coconut milk since this provides a creamy quality to the dish and lemongrass and Thai basil to give an aromatic flavor to the dish. It is often prepared & cooked with shrimps and stir-fried with such vegetables as bell pepper, snap peas, water chestnuts, garnished with oyster sauce. Other Japanese versions may use teriyaki glaze and this gives sweetness and slight hint of sourness on the food. 

Cooking Techniques 

 The preparation of Asian shrimp over rice is not complicated and that makes it ideal for a number of cooks of different expertise. Due to the delicate texture and sweetness of shrimp, it is mostly coated with some oil and cooked through sautéing or stir-frying techniques at high temperatures. The rice meanwhile is independently cooked, which is steamed or boiled to absolute tenderness. In another synthesis, the shrimp and rice are well presented side by side while, in some cases, being complemented with fresh appeal such as cilantro or green onions.

Asian Food in Ocean City

Health Benefits 

 This dish not only allows one to get a delicious meal but also a healthy one at that. Shrimp and other related seafood products are low in calories and are good sources of proteins, iodine, selenium, vitamin B12 and other important trace nutrients. The rice could also provide another source of carbohydrates and/or fiber if you go for whole grain or brown rice. Also, fresh herbs and vegetables increase the nutritional value of the dish to the consumer, as it contains antioxidants and other valuable elements. 


 Asian shrimp over rice makes for perhaps probably the most gratifying and delectable meal of Asian style cuisine. Versatility is rich here and there are multiple types of pizza that can be made with slight variations based on the preferences of the customer and the type of diet people have. This dish can be prepared with coconut milk if you are having a Thai style or with soy sauce for the Chinese style; whatever style is chosen, this dish is guaranteed to be tasty and healthy.

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