How We Started Our Journey As An Asian Restaurant In Ocean City (Est. 2021)?

Do you want to taste authentic Asian Restaurant in Ocean city? Everest Carryout; one of the hidden gems of Ocean City, Maryland is known for more than simply its authentic Asian food. We tell a story which is full of passion, desire to share authentic Himalayan flavors with the community.

Asian Restaurant In Ocean City

The first step on this journey was a vision. The owners, who are originally from Nepal longed for the flavor of their homeland. The vibrant spices, comforting momos, and flavorful curries that were crucial part of their culture were missing. They craved warmth and comfort these food offered them that they knew that others would feel the same way too.

The Start Of The Journey Of An Asian Restaurant In Ocean City

They founded Everest Carryout with fuel of desire to share their culinary experience. In the beginning, there were several challenges. It wasn’t easy to introduce a new cuisine to a beach town that was mostly known for seafood and pizza. Himalayan cuisine was such a new experience to the locals that some were hesitant to try it. However, the owner weren’t discouraged. They believed and took pride in their authentic recipes and the quality of their food. They knew that once people tasted their flavorful dishes, they would be hooked on it. So, they did what they were good at: cooking with passion and from heart.

The Power Of Passion And Authenticity

Because they cooked everything from scratch and stayed true to the traditional recipes passed down through generations, you could taste the genuine taste of the Himalayas. With the news spreading gradually, locals welcomed Everest Carryout with open arms. Interested locals who ventured in search of new flavors were genuinely surprised and loved their Nepalese hospitality and recipes.

More Than Just a Restaurant: A Cultural Experience

The founders never wavered from their commitment to authenticity, freshness, and quality as the restaurant grew in popularity. They stayed true to the authentic tastes of their hometown by using only the finest ingredients and making everything from scratch every day. People in the neighborhood took notice of this commitment.

In addition to serving wonderful food, Everest Carryout became a cultural center where visitors could come to learn about Nepalese traditions while enjoying the restaurant’s signature cuisine. The owners were proud to teach their customers about their heritage by describing the history of their cuisine and the cultural importance of specific ingredients.

Continuing The Journey

As time went on, Everest Carryout became a renowned Ocean City landmark. It became a popular hangout for both residents and visitors looking for an alternative to the typical beach fare—authentic Asian cuisine.
An example of how dedication and enthusiasm can lead to success, Everest Carryout is still going strong today. It has established itself as a leading restaurant in Ocean City’s food scene, drawing in regulars with its authentic Himalayan cuisine.
But this is just the beginning of the adventure. With the addition of new menu items and creative community outreach initiatives, Everest Carryout is pushing the envelope. In addition to participating in and hosting events at local festivals.

So, drop by Everest Carryout the next time you’re in Ocean City. The hospitality, cuisine, and flavor of the Himalayas will take your breath away.

More Info

Opening Hours: Sunday – Saturday (11:00 AM – 4:00 AM)
Phone: +1(443)664-8322
Email: [email protected]
Address: 105 2nd St, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States

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