7 Delicious Nepali Dishes You Must Try

Are you a food lover who wants to explore varieties of cuisines from around the world? If the answer is yes, here are the top 7 Nepali dishes you really must try. Traditional Nepalese food is flavorful and mouth-watering. Trust me, Once you try Nepali food you will go for more.

Nepal is rich and unique in its culture and traditions. From Nepali foods to music, dance, crafts, folktales, and festivals, Nepal is known as a country with distinctive and iconic cultures. In this article, we will be listing the top Nepali dishes you really need to try once in a lifetime.

Dal Bhat Tarkari – National Dish of Nepal

There is a saying ” Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour”. As it said, Dal Bhat Tarkari is a national dish of Nepal. It is one of the healthy and essential Nepalese Cuisine. The word “Dal” is a lentil soup or other pulses stew, “Bhat” means rice, and the term “Tarkari” refers to curry. Because of its good impact on health, it is taken throughout the day sometimes. Dal Bhat can also serve as a side dish for many other Nepalese dishes. 

Dhido – Traditional Nepali Dishes

Dhido is a Nepalese traditional dish made by continuously combining and stirring maize and other grains like buckwheat flour in hot water. Add ghee to magnify the taste. Dipping in meat soup, milk, lentil soup, or gundruk gives an amazing flavor. People can eat Dhido as a treat to break up the monotony of their daily lives. You can eat it for lunch or dinner.

Cooking dhido is a simple technique that involves heating water and stirring it throughout. The magic is done with a hefty saucepan of water and a packet of flour. The Dhido is served with a curry sauce, meat, and veggies in Maryland.

MomoA Popular Dish

Momo is a sort of steamed dumpling that has a filling within. In Nepal, momo has become a traditional delicacy. The outer momo coating is made with white flour and water dough. To give the end product a more doughy texture, a little yeast or baking soda is sometimes added. Momos were filled with ground/minced beef, but nowadays there are more varieties of fillings.

Nowadays, momo can be made with almost any combination of paneer, veggies, ground meat, tofu, soft chhurpi (local hard cheese), and vegetable-meat combos.

Meat:  Pork, chicken, goat meat, and buffalo meat are extensively used all over the world. Onions/shallots, garlic, ginger, cilantro/coriander, and cilantro/coriander are all blended with minced beef. Some also add soy sauce and finely puréed tomatoes.

Fillings: Finely chopped carrot, cabbage, potato, soy granules, flat bean, or chayote (iskush) are used as fillings.

Small round flat pieces of dough are rolled out. A circular cover in the shape of a round pocket or half-moon is made to encase the fillings. To keep the filling moist and juicy, a little oil is occasionally added to the lean ground/minced beef. The dumplings are then steamed in a mucktoo, momo-making equipment, over a soup (either a stock based on bones or vegetables). After steaming, the dumplings can also be pan-fried or deep-fried.

Jhol momo (chicken and vegetarian) is one of the dishes most popular in Maryland. Chicken marinated in Nepalese dumplings with unique spices and Nepalese dumplings seasoned in unique spices and vegetables is loved by people in Maryland.

Nepali Chicken thali

Rice, vegetables, lentils, and pickles make up a traditional Nepali meal. Chicken Curry, mixed vegetable curry, Dal (Lentils), steam rice, Fried leafy vegetables, and Pickles/Gundruk are served with this tasty dish. Shrimp pakora, tandoori chicken, lamb curry, chicken tikka, mixed veggies, dal, rice, salad, naan, dessert, coffee, or chai tea are all included in Nepali Meat Thali.

Chicken curry is frequently served as part of a thali. This is where a variety of meals surround the national cuisine of rice and dal, known as dal bhat. Tarkari can be made vegetarian by using only veggies, but people also prefer the Chicken-based version. 

Daal-bhaat-tarkari-masu-achar is a traditional and popular name for this dish. This deluxe meal will provide you with a complete Nepalese cultural experience. In Maryland, Thalis come with a bowl of boiling rice (Bhaat) or porridge (Dhindo), your choice of curry (goat or chicken), mixed lentils (Daal), spinach (saag), and a side of wild black pepper pickle (Timur ko Achar).

Newa Cuisine – Newari Food

Newari food is named after the Newari culture of inhabitants of “Newar” who live in Nepal. It is prepared using rice flakes and achar. Mainly pickled vegetables, fresh soybeans, and spicy potatoes. These are cooked in spicy sauce, and raw vegetables are cut into thin slices. It is served with yogurt to accompany it.

Some popular Newari dishes are Newari Khaja, Hakuchoila, Bhuttan, Swanpuka, Aalu Tama, and more. In Everest Carryout, chicken chhoila (traditional grilled chicken) is served with roasted soybeans (bhatamas) and beaten rice (chiura) with white radish pickle (Mula ko achar) or wild black pepper pickle (Timur ko achar). 

Sel Roti

Well, Sel Roti has a different fan base in Nepal. You can enjoy a doughnut and a bagel at a time as it is a mix of these two snacks. It is widely eaten during the festive season, especially in Tihar. It is made up of rice flour dough that is deep-fried to crunchy and crispy. Being a ubiquitous dish in festivals, you should try this out on your visit to Nepal


Chow mein is most likely one of your favorite Nepalese takeout recipes. With chicken, vegetables, classic chow mein noodles, and the greatest homemade chow mein sauce, this one-pan dinner is incredibly fulfilling. It’s also a lot tastier. This meal is pan-fried to give the noodles a beautiful crunch, then mixed in a delicious sauce. The thick, black sauce in which the noodles are mixed gives chowmein its distinct flavor. It’s the right blend of sweet and salty, and it’s tough to put down your forks. 

In Maryland, chowmein is popular among people and one of the best Nepali foods. You must try some. Everest Carryout is available for both food takeaways and delivery services.

Get to know more about Nepali foods here. Find more Nepalese dishes.

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