5 Varieties Of Momos That You Can Taste In Everest Carryout

Momo is originated from Tibet and widely spread in most places around the world. It is one of the most famous street food which is not only delicious but also cheaper. There are varieties of Momo you must try. Commonly, Momos are typically steamed dumplings with various fillings from meat to veggies and cheese. 

Varieties of Momo You Must Try

We have prepared the varieties of momo you must try once in your lifetime. This traditional delicacy was initially made in a round shape with meat and vegetable stuffing. Now, you can find various kinds and types of momo in different shapes, sizes, and fillings. Momo is usually served with a dipping sauce, locally called achar. Tomato is a base ingredient. Everest carryout serves with a variety of momos. Here is our Food Menu.

Steamed Momo

One of the most eaten varieties of momo is Steamed Momo. These delicious juicy momos are filled with grind veggies or meat and are put in steamer. The thickly wrapped Momos are stuffed to the core with Paneer, Vegetables, and Soya Chunks. Or you can have a chicken filling in it. It’s your choice. A filling plate of Everest steamed momos is the perfect comfort food for chilly winter evenings.

Chilly Momo

Chilly momo is commonly referred to as C Momo. It is your regular momo dipped in a hot and spicy sauce. If you are willing to try something hot and spicy then, C. momo is worth the try. 

Are there any spicy food lovers? Try this once; we bet you won’t regret it. This plate of Momos is going to set your tongue on fire with its hot and tangy flavor. Soya Sauce, Chilli Sauce, and Ketchup make an outstanding fusion as a topping to these Momos and are sure to bring your taste buds alive! 

Fried Momo

Fried momos have turned out to be a trend among foodies! Deep-fried until they turn to a beautiful golden; crunchy from outside and filled with tender stuffing inside, fried momos are best enjoyed with spicy and achaar or garlic mayonnaise. If you want to try something new, you can also make a stir fry with it by adding vegetables and relishing it with soups and sauces. You will have a volcano of flavors bursting in your mouth!

Kothe Momo

Kothe Momos are pan-fried ( half fried and half steamed momo). It comes with a variety of fillings to choose from vegetables, various kinds of Meat, etc. One of the essential ingredients that make these Momos unique is Fried Ginger. And the best part about these Momos is that they are not only tasty but are also very healthy!

Jhol Momo (Soup Momo)

Jhol means liquid. It is also known as soup momo. It is regular momo drowned in a bowl full of sauce called jhol achaar. The sauce or jhol achar is a bit of a hot, spicy, and tangy twist. The achaar (soup) is thin in texture. Everest carryout serves the best soup momos in Ocean City, Maryland. For More Details.

Why Everest Carryout?

Well, above where the different varieties of momo we have in our restaurant. Everest carryout is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving delicious, high-quality food with fresh, seasonal ingredients. We provide the best ocean city food delivery service.  Just give us a ring. We are one call away.

Also, Everest Carryout trusts you with the best we have to offer, catering to your budgets. Your lively ambiance will shine with an exciting combination of rich culture, adorned with our table decorations, offering you your expected standardized expectations, customizable to your choosing.

Our time schedule: Sunday-Saturday (11:00 AM – 4:00 AM)

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