Asian Food in Ocean City: A Fusion Delight Of Cheese Naan Pizza (2024)

Asian Food in Ocean City

Talking about Asian Food in Ocean City, cheese naan pizza always stands out as everyone’s favorite. It is a well renowned dish in south Asia that blends the kitchen traditions of India and Italy. This dish’s main highlight is its unique way of combining naan roti and pizza. This famous Indian dish has made a special home at Everest Carryout, where the tastes of delicious pizza and naan roti elements come together in a delightful explosion.

Asian Food in Ocean City: Cheese Naan Pizza

Cheese Naan Pizza is an exquisite combination of two worlds of cooking, the Indian and the Italian, combining the well-known yet irresistible idea of pizza. This particular creation has tried to blend the popular Indian product, naan bread with the regular pizza ingredients to produce this yummy dish.

Asian Food in Ocean City

The Base: Naan Bread

Cheese Naan Pizza is a combination of two foods: Cheese and Naan; Naan is a leavened bread that is soft and flat coming from India. Naan, a sort of soft flatbread, is usually prepared from flour, yeast, yogurt and milk, making the bread a little tangy. It is usually cooked using a tandoor oven and these dishes gain a characteristic scorched touch on them.

The Toppings: Place where a piece of art element is located

The naan therefore fits the pizza toppings requirements and can be easily topped, flavored and baked. The base is also commonly basted with garlic butter or olive oil in order to add to the taste of the dish. Being a Cheese Naan Pizza, the aspect of flexibility with toppings is well understood. Popular choices include:

  • Cheese: A sufficient amount of melted cheese, in most cases, it is a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar, contributes to a distinctive soft base.
  • Tomato Sauce: A layer of tomato sauce is added for points of reference which relate to a pizza experience.
  • Vegetables: For the additional garnishing, colorful bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and a bunch of spinach also enhance the overall outlook of the whole meal yet are health wise свойств.
  • Proteins: For the extra proteins, one can include the grilled chicken, Paneer, the Indian cottage cheese or pepperoni.

The Fusion Flavors

This restaurant stands out by the combination of tastes; Cheese Naan Pizza is what its name suggests. Use of many spices and herbs commonly used in Indian cuisine like cilantro, cumin, coriander can be added to the toppings. Some of the variations even add chutneys or spicy sauces to it to ensure the Indian – Italian flavored taste.

Asian Food in Ocean City

Cooking Method

Regarding Cheese Naan Pizza, the naan has to be partially baked for the right texture. The toppings are then placed on the pizza and the pizza is cooked in an oven until the cheese melts and enhances its texture and the edges of the naan browning.

A Crowd Pleaser

Cheese Naan Pizza is famous both in Indian and in the World’s cuisine. Its taste is versatile and loved by many and therefore it is often taken especially during celebrations and functions. It is also a fast and convenient way of having a good, home made meal ready within a short notice.

Asian Food in Ocean City

Thus, Cheese Naan Pizza can be characterized as a delicious synthesis of the Indian and Italian food that will be ideal for those individuals who prefer to taste various innovations in the field of food. It deserves to be classified as a special dish that will be well received and enjoyed in every country by real gourmets.


Cheese Naan Pizza from Everest Carryout is great as a meal because it’s offers an Indian dish with a bit of taste of classic pizza. As a testament to Everest Carryout’s dedication to innovation while staying loyal to its heritage, it’s a great way to explore the confluence of Italian and Indian culinary influences.

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